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im unreliable cuz i said id make a video over break and didnt…but whatever
i learned hardflips
next time im at a skatepark ill try and hardflip the 2 xD
wish me luck!(:


To My Dedicated Viewers…

Posted in Skateboarding on April 10, 2010 by Ty

Dear Viewers,
I will be making a new trick tip on kickflips. The first one I made was so bad, I didn’t want to put it up. I used to skate so stiff…(Meaning I did things super low and with no catch because my knees weren’t bent). I will try to make a two-in-one trick tip by the end of spring break…this upcoming week. I haven’t been on this for a few reasons:

(a) It gets boring
(b) My school just had a quarter-long project that involved much of my time
(c) I got bad at skating for a bit
(d) I get too tired some days…

Anyway, I don’t know when exactly this will come…if it will come…but MAYBE.
Oh yeah and the other trick besides kickflips will be pop shove-its…and ollies.
My camera isn’t compatible with my computer so it takes a while to get it on…so don’t expect much.


Tre Flip

Posted in Skateboarding on September 19, 2009 by Ty

I landed my first one yesterday. It was sketchy but it counts(:

REVISION! it doesn’t count…haha it went 270 degrees and i dont count that…anymore…


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I got them(:

Heels and moreee

Posted in Skateboarding on September 10, 2009 by Ty

So i can finally almost heelflip. i landed some and stepped off and then i had to go…:/ ive only landed 3 ever before and, if u dont no, i thought itd b weird if i cood tre and not heel.
my story with heels.
at first these were easier to set up than kickflips. i thought i was a heelflipper. then me and my friend tried kickflips. THEY were easier. and theyd b easier to land. so i practiced those. i coodnt land them, so i went back to heels. they were worse, so i went to kickflips. i landed them and stopped trying heels. (my friend later learned HEELS first and then kickflips. (the opposite of me.) haha he cant kickflip anymore i feel bad for him.) so i landed 3 heels ever.
another new trick!!!!! i can now switch bs pop shove it revert. now this trick is simply a switch backside pop shove it that you catch on the nose and turn it 180 degrees backside. it sounds harder than it is. i cant do these regular, cuz then id have to catch them with my left foot…ill work on it.
im still trying tres. havent landed one. they are on hold.
HARDFLIPS! i cant land them…yet. (hardflip=fs shove with a kickflip.)
nollie flips: i need to seriously practice them. i can hardly set them up right now. haha school is hard so i never have time.
my goal is to get my heels and nollie flips down and then try varial heels. varial heelflips are VERY VERY hard…like tre flip hard…(FROM WHAT IVE HEARD). i just need to skate for a good 2 hours on the weekend…but its hot were i live…ugh. and i sweat a LOT.
KICKFLIP TRICK TIP! i have made it, dont no if ill put it up. its really bad and i didnt cover all tha stuff…my kickflips look bad in it too so i probably wont. comment if u want it up.
thats it

Nollie Flips

Posted in Skateboarding on September 5, 2009 by Ty

YAY! i can FINALLY do a nollie flip trick. its a nollie (kick)flip. i even did one in SKATE against my friend and won. still havent tre-ed. still havent hardflipped. im getting close. i cant heelflip at all…only done them 3 times (and they were like a year ago) and ive nollie flipped 4 times (yesterday(: ). my best tricks are:
-fakie bigspins
-fakie 360 shoves
-varial kickflips
-nollie flips
-fakie varials
-half cab flips (IM LOSING THEM AHHH)
and now i can kickflip up a little curb and probably a regular curb. i havent been to a skatepark in a while now so i havent done much grinding. i use the curbs outside my house but they arent high enuf to practice front smiths or front lips…i am really close to those. best of luck to all for learning nollie flips.
woodnt it be cool if i put up a trick tip or two on my favorite tricks?
ill think about it.
its hard to upload my camera to a computer…so wish me luck too.


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It went back awww.